Thursday, November 26, 2015

Days 6 and 7 of the 30 Day Watercolor Challenge . . .

Day 6 : Shadow
 I'll be real honest here.
Not all of these are the first attempt.
The ones that don't make first cut are in the wastebasket.
Day 7 : Light

But from time to time, I get some keepers.
It would be fun to frame all of these alike for a show sometime.
Display them together in order.

We'll see how that idea turns out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daily watercolor challenge . . .

Day 5/30 : Food
Oatmeal in my Favorite Mug
I've set out on another 30 Day Challenge, this time watercolor.
I came across a list on
Pinterest the World's Greatest Time Suck
and challenged another friend (hi, Lorrie!) to paint with me.
The list is easy and it works so we don't have to look around and decide what to paint.
Step one checked off with that list!
I also found a little meme that I think should be printed and framed
and hung in all studios, if not just mine.
"Draw something every day even if it sucks"
True. Lots of sucky material here but brain-expanding and hand-warming.
Day 4/30 : Simple lines
Sumac across the field
This gets my blood flowing over my first cup or tea
and organizes my thoughts in the morning.
Love starting the day like this.

Day 1/30 : Anything
Martin house in my yard
Day 3/30 : Zoo
There is a bar in Lincoln called
The Zoo Bar
Famous folks drop in here
just to jam and hang.
BB King - Buddy Guy

Day 2/30 : Explosion
My hand
Mmmmm . . . splotchy

Friday, November 13, 2015

Watercolor miniatures . . .

'Tis the season . . .
. . . and here we go

Two shows on the horizon for now and I'm busy with these little watercolor cards.
Quick, fun, easy, and I'm in love with the way they are turning out.
I'll be offering these as individual cards that are completely suitable for framing.
What better way to own a tiny piece of original artwork than this!
See? I make it so easy for you.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In the Nick of Time . . .

In the Nick of Time

I'll just leave this here and come back later for details.

I'm back! Details.
I'm not sure where my reference photo came from but I loved the fresh cut wheat in rows.
The little town in the distance is from a photo I took while driving
back from Brainerd, Minnesota last month.
So iconic here on the Great Plains.
The white houses, a few steeples, and
grain elevators.
The storm on the horizon is nothing out of the ordinary for folks
out here in the middle of the country so to add it to
this painting was natural.
Always trying to stay one step ahead of Nature.
And with that, I need to head out to take in the last
of the garden, pull up tomato plants and okra and chop
out the invasive chives.
Who gave me that evil clump of chives, anyway?

Detail : 10"x10"
Oil on canvas

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Back at it . . .

Ashland Road

I'm finally back at the easel after a couple of rough weeks.
With our garage finished and now extended to nearly twice its original size, 
it is officially bigger than the house.
I know, right? 

And with that project complete, we cleaned the workshop on the south side of the building and set up my shop studio in one side, 
complete with my lapidary equipment,
saws, stones and slabs, easel and all of my oil painting accoutrements.
LOVE it. Totally.
Warm, bright, spacious.

I picked up this unfinished beauty yesterday and dug into it with gusto.
I like the way it turned out and have more to learn about
structures, buildings and houses and how to make them look realistic in the setting.
Sometimes they look like they're floating. Not grounded.
More work.

Details : 10"x10"
Oil on canvas

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gourd takover . . .

On a whim this Spring I planted two packets of gourd seeds.
One is gooseneck and the other is bottle.
I made a nice trellis out of some fencing and carefully nailed it to the overhang post.
You can see the tiny bit of vine that trained itself up the post on the right.
Then it decided to make a break for it and have a life in the wild.
Free! Free at last!

Off it went to the west of the barn, determined to not be held back by 'The Man'.
It made its own way, forged its own path, marched to its own drum.

Baby gourd.
So cute.

So now I have about 15+ of these little guys all over the place and frankly, I am wishing I had more.
I have started pinning on 'Pinterest the World's Greatest Time Suck' all kinds of cool baskets and work you can create with gourds and I think I'm hooked.
This year I'll just gather and dry them and see how involved this waiting process is.
Then next season, I'll have a better plan.
I'll plant what I want and somehow find a place where they can ramble.

I mean, look at this!
It's about the size of a watermelon.
Very happy gourds.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Roadside daylilies . . .


Ah, yes.
I just can't tweak the foliage any longer.
At some point, I will paint this again.
When my hand gets looser and more confident, I'll try the daylilies one more time.
For now, I still have the essential barns and outbuildings
that I see all day every day.
And that's good.
Figuring out how to release the flowers will be my challenge
for now and in paintings to come.
Still, I like the composition and color.
It's coming. It's coming.

Detail : Oil on canvas