Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer web . . .

This is that time of year we've been looking forward to since there was two feet of snow covering everything. Remember? We never saw any bare earth until March? And we swore we would never complain about the heat if it would only get above freezing for one day and we wouldn't be struggling with winter coats and muddy shoes? Well, here it is exactly one half of a year from January, humidity apparent on the tiny cobwebs in the early mornings and we're not complaining. This is the day.


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Such a poetic post, and truer words about the seasons are rarely spoken :)

Enjoy your summer day :)


Leah said...

i do think of those days too. i caught myself thinking it was such a bear outside a few days ago. i stopped myself midthought and remembered 6 months ago. beautiful photo!