Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunset striped agate . . .

From the edge of the prairie: a layered sunset, striped in deep gold, washing away to creamy yellow and translucency. Two simple agate pendants.

Agate is found in a range of colors but nothing is more lovely, in my mind than these with sunset colors, pale, flowing river banding and sweet glowing chalcedony.

Today I created two lovely agate pendants, the settings forged completely from scratch. These simple tube bezels are cut from sheet silver, rolled and forged into little tubes and soldered with a flat cap at the top where I have attached a loop. The cylindrical agate beads were fit into the bezel and riveted securely in place with sterling wire.

In 2011 I'm committed to taking my work in another direction; to get back to what I love doing most and that's setting beautiful stones in bezel settings. I'll use riveting techniques where I can because I love the movement that allows the stone it captures but I miss the warmth and depth of agates and jaspers reminiscent of the prairie landscapes that surround me. I love it here and I want my work to reflect the place I love - Nebraska prairie. Home.

Perfect in simplicity.


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Gorrrrrgeous. (purring)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful...I love the setting, the stone shape, and the colors in the stone.