Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January sunset . . .

Skinny gold orange sliver of the barely-set sun, darkening evening grey January sky, striped bands of layering clouds and jet contrails.

All at once in this banded agate.
I'm committed to getting back to what I love working on most of all : lapidary and setting the stones I cut and polish.  I have so many delicious cabs on my bench and I have spent the weeks leading up to Christmas working on the 'quick work'.  Not particularly satisfying for me but results oriented work.
With this new year : new work
Oh, and my New Year's Resolution every year is to make contact with at least one old friend who has dropped off my radar screen.  This has been my Resolution every year for at least a decade and it has been so rewarding.
Completely doable.  
So if you've dropped off my radar, expect a call.


Shelby Foxwell said...

Gorgeous! I love clean, simple jewelry for myself, but I love to create pieces that are a little different than what I'd wear.
Love the New Years resolution!

Two Dog Pond said...

Beautiful. Nebraska sunset.
I miss you too.