Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crazy Snow . . .

 Crazy.  We don't usually get this kind of snow until January or February.
Eddie is all snug in his shop getting the BobKitty ready to push snow for us and our surrounding neighbors.
 The farmette - snow was just starting late in the afternoon.

My front porch!  There is an equal amount of snow on all four of the porches of this house, the wind is blowing so hard! Usually one side gets it all but this time, the snow is equal opportunity.
Yeah.  I need to shovel off the hot tub first, for sure.  I have a feeling it will come in handy by the end of day. 
Oh I really should not have opened that door . . . 


Diana said...

Hope this snow helps with your drought. We're waiting for a really big one here in Southern Colorado.

Jason Murphy said...

Again, this January is winter wonderland. Beautiful pictures.

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