Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scrap . . .

I just could not bring myself to throw away this little scrap of Arches paper even tho' it measures less than 2" wide by 12".  I taped it to a board trying to leave anything white to paint on and ended up getting about an inch to play with.  Clearly not a masterpiece but working smaller scratches my 'tightness' itch in my hand/eye and lets me get as much impact in a small area as possible.

Thinking I'll have this matted and framed and see how it turns out. 

1 comment:

Kaitlyn said...

Oh my word! You have been busy! They are all so pretty. I want the one of your house even though it's not my house. I just love it. Maybe you could do my house before I move to yours and then I'd be set. These are all so wonderful. Way to go on getting out of Etsy. It's good for me only for finding/buying supplies. I have your banner on my to do list in the next couple weeks. It will get done my friend. Keep up the good work, I just love this painting gig you are doing.