Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dundee Gallery and the Gift of Unique . . .

 My favorite little gallery in Omaha - the Dundee Gallery - is officially closing its doors at the end of December and I am crying huge crocodile tears. My work has been there since shortly after opening and I have come to love this place.  Beautifully curated by gallery owner Jean Imray, the Dundee Gallery is chock full of artists' work that is colorful, unique, artfully made and always inspiring. I could not be sadder that the gallery is going dark.

I have placed a large amount of my inventory with Jean for the holiday shopping season and know that her last two months will have tremendous sales. Come January, anything not sold will be online but don't wait!


If you live in Omaha, Shop Small and please visit the gallery a few times before Christmas and Hanukkah and pick up your special gifts, your big gifts, and your small gifts. Support your local artists and makers and give the gift of unique.

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Jill said...

We had dinner in that fabulous restaurant above this gallery back in September for one of my daughter's birthday. Another one of my girls and I stopped in this gallery after dinner. I had never been there before and as we browsed around I exclaimed, gosh that looks so much like Lynn's work.. thinking how odd that someone created jewelry so just like yours and then I read the tags! It was you indeed! I'm sorry to hear this place is closing. It would be a rare occurrence for us to ever get back there. It was by chance we even found the restaurant.