Sunday, February 1, 2015

Oshkosh . . .

Oshkosh in Winter.
Could I not have seen this coming?
This blog/diary entry is little more than a rant.
Drove to Oshkosh this time for a meeting, thinking that the drive back on Sunday was safe
and I would be in my pjs relaxing comfortably on the sofa in time for the Super Bowl ads.
I could not have been more wrong.
A pre-dawn phone call from my DH Ed said, "Stay where you are. Do not come home."
Not so bad here in Oshkosh, Wisconsin but definitely bad in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Like 8"-12" wet snow bad.

Re-upped my room for another day/night so I could watch 1"-3" blowing snow
here in Oshkosh. Not so bad.

 And pretty glad I tossed my watercolor travel kit and Moleskine into my bag.
I can see filling this book up by nightfall.
Home sounds wonderful.
Will I ever get there? Like one of those dreams where the object of your desire is just out of your reach,
I see Nebraska in the blowing snow distance.
C'mon April . . .

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