Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 14.9 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 14.9 : Mona Lisa
I am several days off schedule with my Oil a Day 30-Day Challenge.
Life kind of got in the way for a while there.
And it's going to be in my way for the next two weeks.
But I swear I'll get back on it as quickly as I can because 
I love the time I dedicate to these paintings.

I have renamed this painting Mona Lisa.
I just could not make myself like the grassy areas of the first painting
and I had to get back into it with a second attempt instead of
letting it drive me nuts.
Mona Lisa because I have to believe that DaVinci did no always achieve
intended results with the first attempt.
That maybe, just maybe, there is another crappy version of 
Mona Lisa beneath the beautiful Mona Lisa.
Maybe one where the background was wrong or one where her eyes looked
crossed or her smile was off. Maybe she had buck teeth. Who knows.
I just believe that there are fabulous artists out there who
have stared at their 'finished' works and thought,
So I got back into it last night and made changes to the foreground.
Oh, I'll try the other again with the disappearing fence line but for now, 
this works.

Details : 12"x24"
Oil on canvas


Lorrie Penner said...

Love it!

I still liked the other (green is my favorite color), but this foreground has a more mid-west harvest feeling to it.

sue k said...

I love this piece. And love the gold color. You do stunning work! So glad Lisa sent me your blog! Let us know when you start painting daily! I've wanted to do that with the birds for awhile, so perhaps I'll join you!

Jill said...

Every time I think of doing a challenge of some sort, I think how life derails my plans even for minor things around the house. So, I don't commit. I'm glad you can just go with the flow and know you will get to it sometime. I'm also we get to watch over your shoulder when you do get to paint so to speak. :)