Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 25 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 25 : Sunrise Seward Airport

From a photo I took this summer just before dawn at the Seward Airport in Nebraska.
Looking north, the sky was the wonderful hazy pink,
the shadows long, and the distant farm misty.
Every June our aerobatic club stages a contest there and every summer,
Ed and I tow my '63 Shasta trailer out and stay in that so we don't
have to get up pre-dawn to drive the 20 miles to the airport.
Every year I marvel at the gorgeous sunrise, the quiet calm of the airport,
the surrounding misty farms, distant freight trains.
So here are two hangars making long shadows as the sun comes up.
Before the hubbub begins.

Details : Oil on canvas


Christine said...

Is there anything you can't are sooooo talented. I love your paintings Lynn. Are any of them for sale? It looks like you are enjoying your summer. Are you still doing jewelry? I have not made anything in about 2 years because I have to be in Florida so much. So I have gotten addicted to photography and have invested a huge chunk into camera equipment. It is easier to take camera equipment along then try to move a jewelry studio and it is something my husband and I enjoy doing together.

Have a great rest of your summer.


Two Dog Pond said...

These paintings are so inspiring!