Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daily watercolor challenge . . .

Day 5/30 : Food
Oatmeal in my Favorite Mug
I've set out on another 30 Day Challenge, this time watercolor.
I came across a list on
Pinterest the World's Greatest Time Suck
and challenged another friend (hi, Lorrie!) to paint with me.
The list is easy and it works so we don't have to look around and decide what to paint.
Step one checked off with that list!
I also found a little meme that I think should be printed and framed
and hung in all studios, if not just mine.
"Draw something every day even if it sucks"
True. Lots of sucky material here but brain-expanding and hand-warming.
Day 4/30 : Simple lines
Sumac across the field
This gets my blood flowing over my first cup or tea
and organizes my thoughts in the morning.
Love starting the day like this.

Day 1/30 : Anything
Martin house in my yard
Day 3/30 : Zoo
There is a bar in Lincoln called
The Zoo Bar
Famous folks drop in here
just to jam and hang.
BB King - Buddy Guy

Day 2/30 : Explosion
My hand
Mmmmm . . . splotchy

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Lorrie Penner said...

Thanks for playing. :-)
Love the green mug, what a cool piece.