Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the beginning . . . . .

I started working with silver in high school and thanks to a student teacher (thank you, JoAnne Kreighbaum) who spent a semester with our class in 1969 and my high school art teacher who let me continue long after class was over (thank you, Barry Kennedy), a love affair with metal was born. College classes in metal were not all that common so I took two semesters and was not able to go any further at the schools I attended. That was it. I laid it all aside while I made a living in things not art-related for the next 30 years.

I eventually found a super guy who was (among other wonderful things) a master welder. His appreciation for my own love of metal was all the inspiration I needed to stop the floundering I was doing in other areas of life and set up a metal studio.

I'm home.

I love the physical nature of working with metal. It still takes fire and force to move metal from one form to another using the same techniques that have been used since the beginning of metalworking time. A sign over my bench reads - "The laws that govern metal never change", reminding me to go back to the basics when I'm trying too hard.

My designs are straightforward and linear, clean and simple and I am inspired by the stuff you find in old hardware stores.

All work is done in my own studio, with my own hands, by no one but me. No kidding.


leah said...

love it. love it. so glad you jumped in. the look, fits you. your butta. looking forward to reading more.

Lynette Fast said...

Hi Lynn, Add a follow button so I can follow you. This looks great and I'm sure we'll get to learn wonderful things about you.

Jill said...

Welcome to the blog world Lynn! This is a beautiful beginning. I met you up at the Wayne Art Show and was hoping to join you all at the Artitudes show but I'm not sure that will happen for me yet. Looking forward to getting to know you better.