Monday, August 24, 2009

VinNebraska and All Our Kids, Inc. Art Show

Thanks goodness the weather was wonderful since you really can't ever count on a cool August in Nebraska and that alone makes for a great art show. Tents and tables were already set up and ready for us when we got there so I was grateful not to have to struggle with those two heavy things this time!

There were about 30 artists at this event, which was the organizers first attempt at an art show combined with their fundraising soiree. Granted, most people were there to sample the wines and food and that alone did bring a bit of traffic but sales were disappointing. That's the chance you always take at art shows, n'est ce pas?

On the super swell, positive side, I met some wonderful new artists whom I really, really hope to see again sometime. Plus, it gave me a chance to try out my new set up and display pieces so that's the *big* plus!
Oh, and the wonderful company of my friends, of course.

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leah said...

your display looks lovely. sorry the sales were not so lovely. keep on keepin on!