Friday, August 13, 2010

Copper Button Box Necklace . . .

I've gotta say, I'm learning a lot and having some fun with this idea for buttons and setting them in a unique and unexpected way.

This pendant is completely hand.fabricated from sheet copper and is approximately 1" tall and 3/4" wide and 1/4" deep. The two.hole shell button is a lovely match for the copper and has a copper rivet in the lower hold. It is held in its box, barely peeking out, by a single copper riveted post going completely through the box and button.

The sterling silver box chain has been oxidized to more closely match the dark iridescent button and is lightly brushed for a bit of shine. There are four copper rings interspersed randomly in the chain for a bit more copper interest throughout the necklace and it is finished with a hand.forged copper hook and loop.

I'm still trying to find a good way to retain the polish on the copper without coating it with anything that would wear off or chip like a clear laquer. It'll come to me.

I suppose being somewhat self.taught in metalwork has given me an appreciation for trial and error and lets me be a bit more fearless when it comes to experimentation. I don't ever expect to master this craft but hope I'm always handling a work in progress.


Anonymous said...

Love it...these are so creative.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

The colors in the button really jump right out next to the copper.

Love, love, LOVE this new turn you've taken.

Got mine yesterday and wore it all day. It's gorgeous! said...

Thanks, doing the simple stuff starts to get mundane even though it fills galleries and sells well. I need to challenge myself from time to time and work in some new elements - this has been the perfect challenge.

Jill said...

Very nice!