Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh my. So long . . .

It starts . . .
What started out to be just a few days off the blogging to gather myself together for 2013 turned out to be so much more.  What a butt-kicker 2013 was!  The project I took on forced me to put aside almost all of my metalwork except for a few "gotta do projects" here and there but for the most part, galleries and certainly my little corner on etsy were all on hold.  
Lots of this

What brain-numbing thing was I up to?  I was the Registrar for the World Aerobatic Contest held in Sherman, Texas, in October.  Doesn't sound huge, does it?  From January of last year until the end of October I accepted registration information from competitors from 17 countries, their team members, mechanics, observers, and others and farmed information out to other volunteers who needed it.  I prepared ID badges for over 500 participants, pilots, crew, volunteers, judges and their assistants, and so many others who were there to work.  I wore out a printer.
Followed by this

Fees and funds were confirmed, housing requirements arranged (thank goodness, not by me!), and a mountain of paperwork bits and pieces had to be checked off my list.  What I accomplished in that amount of time really was mind-numbing and it is a miracle that my darling husband didn't kick me to the curb.  It occupied my every waking hour and caused me to spend too much time awake when I should have been sleeping.

Lineup first four flights
But it's over.  It was a freaky drive from Sherman, Texas back home to Davey, Nebraska that last weekend in October.  Soft, warm, finished work, weight lifted.  Files packed away, a few last minute questions answered and filed, reports written. Satisfied with my work.  

I tell anyone who asks me, "Would you do it again?"  Answer, "No."  But it did make me feel smart again and to be involved in something that is akin to the Olympics of Aerobatics is really something I am hugely proud of.  Yep, I'm smart.  

I'm just off the nose of the speaker, I swear
Time to renew and refresh.  I'm heading in a fun direction with metalwork for a while and at least for the first round of gallery work and one nice show in February.  Having a ball with enamels so expect a little color down the road.

Hey!  Look at that!  New stuff!
Glad to be back :: lynn

(All photo credits - the incredible Laurie Zaleski)

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Kaitlyn said...

Holy cow! I thought you quit blogging and here I check and there is post after post! I had no idea that you did that for the airplane acrobat olympics whatever its called. Good job! Sounds very draining!
And the watercolors are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I love the one of Ed's little plane. I would like a ride in the plane AND the watercolor please. We still need to take that Temari class sometime and I will get your banner done yet this winter. Glad you are back to blogging.