Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Working toward the weekend . . .

Still piling up the new work for my next show at the Visiting Nurse Association benefit Art&Soup show in Omaha this coming Sunday, as you can see.  Loving the new direction and working with enamels, torch-firing, and my stash of enamel jars continues to grow.  

It's addicting but I think it may really be the color splash that I am enjoying so much.  

It would be easy to re-create with others have done and I see much of that as I cruise through etsy and other selling sites but my own hand is starting to shine through now. I'm using all of the same techniques that I use in silverwork.  Lots of pinning, simple embellishing, punching and hammering shapes so it becomes mine and not just a stamped piece.

I am super-anxious to see how the new work direction is received and I can always count on good and honest feedback from this particular show.  Add to that the fact that shows are so saturated with silver and strung pieces that this is simply different from an art and craft show standpoint.

Post a little positive affirmation, okay?  I'll let you know how it goes.


Cinnamon Jewellery said...

I love the colour enamel you've used. I'm sure they will catch everyone's eye at the show :D

lynn bowes said...

Thank you! Enamel is such a departure for me but so much fun. Love your work, too, by the way!

:: lynn

Jill said...

These pieces are striking, love them!