Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Loosen the grip and lose the fear . . .

Rock Creek Road
I'm never sure where to quit.  I pull it off the board, I tape it to the fireplace or stick it to the fridge so I can live with it for a while before I decide but I fear overworking while I try to loosen my grip.  Loosen the grip - lose the fear. Mantra for the day.

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Catherine Ivins said...

loosen the grip - we are so totally together on this - yesterday I was driving with my daughter and she drives with one hand at the bottom of the wheel - all the time! - and I say something like "10 and 2" - yes, I am the annoying mother like that even though she is grown up and she says "mom, you need to loosen your grip" ... love the watercolor and the new direction - the way you verbalized this "never sure where to quit" makes me think of all these areas, too xo