Monday, May 5, 2014

Developing . . .

I am trying to find the mental art-link between the metalwork I am used to doing and the watercolor I am getting used to doing.  Is the link the color?  
The high contrast?  The composition?  

Or is it the difference between the two media that captures me?

Is it the color mixing?  The achievement of depth?  The lack of edge?  
Or letting the materials do their little jobs?

I would love to give credit for the reference photos I used in this composition but no idea where they came from.  Only that I saved and printed them a long time ago.  
So 'thank you' whoever you are.


Jill said...

From an uneducated outside observer...two cents....It seems you let the metal and the stones tell you where they are going and the paint moving in the water maybe does the same thing. I think of your stones (agate?) where you found the Nebraska landscapes and described them.

lynn bowes said...

Jill, you may have something there. My instructor always told me to let the water do the work and that's exactly what I let stones do. They do the heavy lifting and I set in pretty settings. Good thought.