Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pennington Mine Lake . . .

Pennington Mine Lake

Have I mentioned this week what a wonderful weekend I spent
in Brainerd, Minnesota, last week?
I have?
I did.
Lisa toured me around the area that is covered with
mountains of iron ore and deep lakes 
all created by the mining in that area
not so long ago.
Rocks - rusty red rocks. Some with blue flashes and lots of quartz embedded.
It will be fun this winter to hole up in the shop and see what polishes from these.
In the meantime, I painted this picture from a photo I took of
Pennington Mine Lake at Ironton.
Lisa told me she takes her kidlets here in the summer for picnics
and swimming off the rocks.
You can see that this evening it was particularly calm.
Now I wish I'd taken more pictures but there WILL be a next time.

Details : Oil on canvas

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Lisa at lil fish studios said...

It's a beauty! And so perfectly captures the feeling. Can't wait for the next visit.