Saturday, October 24, 2015

Back at it . . .

Ashland Road

I'm finally back at the easel after a couple of rough weeks.
With our garage finished and now extended to nearly twice its original size, 
it is officially bigger than the house.
I know, right? 

And with that project complete, we cleaned the workshop on the south side of the building and set up my shop studio in one side, 
complete with my lapidary equipment,
saws, stones and slabs, easel and all of my oil painting accoutrements.
LOVE it. Totally.
Warm, bright, spacious.

I picked up this unfinished beauty yesterday and dug into it with gusto.
I like the way it turned out and have more to learn about
structures, buildings and houses and how to make them look realistic in the setting.
Sometimes they look like they're floating. Not grounded.
More work.

Details : 10"x10"
Oil on canvas

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