Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mini.masterpieces . . .

Are these the sweeting little things?
I have a pile of clipped edges from earlier works where I needed something
to fit into a particular size.
You know. Tailings.
Pieces that I usually use for testing colors and strokes when I paint.
So as if my work could not get any smaller,
I decided to paint some tiny scenes.
What to do with them?
I asked my darling friend Rachel 'Two Dog Pond' to teach me
how to tin with solder and darling friend that she is, she did.
Now I can add truly 'wearable art' to my collection!
I am preparing for Art & Soup in Omaha in February and these should be a
wonderful addition to my landscape watercolors and oils.
Affordable and totally wearable.

On another note, it's time to update my etsy shop with my paintings.
I have decided that I would not set up another shop there
but add these paintings to it.
Others have been successful in blending two different media or more into one 
and I'm ready to give it a shot.
Mostly, I just need to get it all out there.
I've tried a couple of shows and it's going well so this is the time to get it really out there.


Diana said...

Love 'em!

Sherry said...

So sweet, Lynn. And glad to have reconnected with you again.