Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A break from daylilies . . .

I've gotten into this riveting thing lately and can't seem to stop. Something about being able to set a gemstone bead without a bezel and to be able to see the top of the stone instead of stringing wire and crimp beads, perhaps?

The technique is simple enough but I've found that it really takes a torch with a tiny tip and a super-hot flame. And if I showed you how to do it, you'd be doing it to absolutely every gemstone bead in your collection. Forget the crimping and stringing!

These are a few of my popular pieces and right now, I'm completely and totally in love with chalcedony - so that's what you'll see in my shop and the galleries where I sell my work locally.

I try to stay with the cool colors for summer like icy blue and prehnite pale green and clear crystal but these will soon give 'way to the reds and golds and rich browns for Fall. But for now, coolness reigns.


Two Dog Pond said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Love this technique! Now I need to come visit you so I'm not so afraid of my bigger torch with the different tips!