Saturday, July 4, 2009

Daylilies in bloom . . .

I wait all year for my dozens of daylilies to bloom and it's over 'way, 'way too quickly. Since the blooms only last for one day I find myself scheduling trips so I won't miss them in bloom. A terrible addiction, I know, but their fleeting beauty is something I can't risk not seeing. There are worse addictions.

I begged Pat Underwood at Sam Hill Gardens for Sugar Candy and boy! was it worth it! This purple bloom absolutely glows tangerine. I pair it with Bertie Ferris - a small bloom in an orange sherbet color.

Some of these little guys are going to have to be moved to a sunnier location this fall but (this purple one is Trahlyta) it's so hard to know where the good sunlight is going to be when you first move into a new home. I've given some of these little beauties plenty of abuse by moving them last summer and then again in the fall and I can only hope they'll forgive me for moving them one last time. I promise.