Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Every mouse deserves a chance . . .

I'm a softie.  I keep heated bowls of water on the front porch, the back porch and in the barn but I'll be the first to say these are really for the cats - ours and an occasional raccoon or opossum.  

However.  As I was sweeping the snow off the front porch this morning (yes, it was not yet zero degrees), I notice the tiny footprints leading up to and around the water bowl.  Mouse prints.  Darling little mouse prints.  Now I feel like I should provide a tiny ladder and a rock in case someone slips and falls in.

Yep.  Big time sucker.


Megan said...

lovely. I spotted a mouse running across the snow last night. too cute.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. We have a ton of field mice and they are so tiny and cute. I prefer they stay outside but occasionally they make their way inside. Our Schnauzer is an incredible mouser.