Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daylilies and such stuff of summer . . .

Hot.  I'm trying hard not to complain about the excessive heat we have experienced the last few weeks.  It's not snow and ice and I'm not wearing three layers of socks and I'm not constantly tugging my coat out of the car door so I'm a happy girl.  Hot but happy.

Summer means daylily blooms and I anticipate this time of year for such a long time, daydreaming in January of all of the beautiful blooms and lush greenery.  I'm posting a stream of lusciousness and letting the photos speak for themselves.

Welcome to our home.

The Hippie Entrance

Sugar Candy
Marse Connell

Mary Todd

Tropic Tangerine
Bright Sunset

Hot Toddy

Blackberry Candy
Double Daffy

Laddie Boy

American Indian

Siloam David Kirchoff

Unnamed seedling from a dear old friend in Rye, Colorado
I'm calling it Friends to the End
Who are you again?

Mauna Loa

Rocket City

Real Wind

Double Daffy

Fires of Fuji
Old Fashioned Orange


Anonymous said...

Oh my...how beautiful...love the flowers and your home looks so inviting.

I hate this heat - I do everything so much better when it's cool...even cold.

Two Dog Pond said...

BEEE-uitiful! How do you keep all those names straight? Mine are called orangey, pinky, stripey...

anemone@ghvalley.net said...

Wow!I loved the tour. That spidery one, Marse Connell, is gorgeous.

Lynette Fast said...

Beautiful Lynn! Thanks so much for sharing!