Friday, July 22, 2011

Friends . . .

I can't let this pass without a heartfelt, grateful 'thank you' to my dear friend Lisa who sent this lovely care package earlier this week.  And what a week to send a boxful of wonderful - I really needed that.

I am so in love with this brooch that I can hardly wait to wear it with my Fall jacket where it will be the perfect accent.  The scene is exactly 'Nebraska' where the fields of wheat have just been cut in the last two weeks.  Gorgeous scenes in each one of her creations - I want them all!

The jelly is to die for, made from yellow sorrel which I remember chewing on when I was just a kid.  The little yellow flowers have a lemony tang but the jellies have more of a flowery, summer sweetness.  I'll be lucky to get another taste since my husband found it on the counter next to the toaster!

Wonderful friends I have.

Thank you, dear Lisa.  I'm so lucky.