Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Art & Soup Omaha . . .

Indoor show pics are so difficult, especially in a hotel setting where there is so much 'busy-ness' going on with no separation between artists.  That would be the only down side of this fun fundraiser in Omaha, though!

For the last four years, I have participated in the Visiting Nurse's Association fundraising event, Art & Soup in Omaha where artists are centered in the room with participating restaurants serving their most incredible soups all along the four walls.  Beautiful and creative restaurant displays and absolutely delicious soups - impossible to sample them all.  This year my display and work won the Award in Excellence and I'm so proud to be this year's winner.

So just a few pictures here showing my antique wood box display pieces and the little place card holders for my jewelry cards.  It is eyecatching and draws dissimilar work together so it flows.

A big thank you to my friend Jan who, along with her husband, helped me get unloaded.  I was in the final recovery days from the season's latest flu and I reeeeaaalllllly shouldn't have gone but this show is easy and fun and the artist donation goes to such a good cause, I had to.

From the 'Don't Ask Me' category - yep, a kneeling Jesus next to my booth

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Two Dog Pond said...

Beautiful Display! Congratulations! Your jewelry looks amazing. Let's have a workday soon!