Monday, February 11, 2013

She said YES . . .

I am so happy for my darling niece Sarah and her boyfriend-turned-fiance.  Last Friday when the first few snowflakes began to fall before the Blizzard of the Century on the East Coast, my niece's boyfriend, Kevin had a big weekend planned in Boston.  Yep, that Boston where all driving on city streets was prohibited for two days.  No public transportation.  Airport closed.

Allow me to cut to the chase - since the chocolate dessert bar also was closed due to the weather, he took his Scrabble game and Sarah and headed to the Emerald Bar in the Revere Hotel, made his 7 letter play and got down on one knee with ring ready and all.  What a doll!

Don't ask me how but USA Today ran a feature and there they were, story and all, front page.

Is this guy a keeper or what?

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