Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not a happy girl . . .

For no other reason that I am hugely annoyed, I post this picture of a chain I bought at what I thought was a 'too good to be true' price for sterling silver.

Actually, I bought two dozen.

 At first I noticed that they had a different shine and texture to them than sterling silver and when one began to turn a tarnish-y color far too soon to be right, I did this.

I snipped off one end and hit it with the torch.  Sterling silver would ball up, well, silver.  This one barely melted and balled up brass.

Bad karma, seller.  Baaaaaaad karma.

My own karmic conscience prevents me from naming her/him.
I'm too nice because this is really crappy business.
What is wrong with people?


Jenni said...

I hope you sent a message and demanded a refund...two dozen is WAY too many to pay for when you don't get what you paid for... well actually ONE is one too many! If you don't get your refund I would not hesitate to name names!! You would be helping others and I wouldn't feel guilty at all. Just my opinion!

lynn bowes said...

Oh yeah, they all went back and now the seller has posted a caveat that they are 'probably' not sterling silver, yet she describes them as 'sterling silver plated' which is wrong as well. I would suggest that if you find snake chains for under $4.00, pass them by.

Two Dog Pond said...

Double Ding-Dang It. and Congress wants to outlaw guns...