Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekend recovery . . .

Four solid days of holiday shows.  Four straight.  I am totally zapped of energy and it's taken until Tuesday morning for me to feel halfway lucid.

Great fun, beautiful location, wonderful friends and a totally super way to start the Holidays.

The first one Wednesday was a one night Patron's Party Holiday Open House at The Sheldon Gallery on the campus of the University of Nebraska and it was elegant and low key.  Such fun to see the people who are responsible for the Gallery's existence and the Sheldon was beautiful.  Huge arching windows and travertine floors in the entry hall - it was lovely.

The three-day show is the one I organize along with my friend Jan, that is a fundraiser for The People's Health Center of Lincoln and we had a cool yule location for our artists this year - atrium space where the old Russell Stover Candy Factory used to be with exposed brick walls and open to the fourth floor and skylights.  We had a good crowd for the Patron's Party Thursday and Friday's Gallery Walk in the middle of the Haymarket area was crowded!  We are happy to have raised substantial monies for the People's Health Center in spite of the nasty weather that descended on us Saturday morning.  

Five inches of freezing rain and snow.

The way it ended Saturday.