Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mine, all mine . . .

Rosella Opal.  It finally has a name.  I saw that my blog-friend Evie, had set a gorgeous pendant and called the stone by name when I realized that I had a little sackful of this material and all I knew was that it was from Australia and it was an opal.  Sweet!  It has a real name!  I cut and polished a few for her then these for me.  I know I've posted this stone before but I have to say it again - it positively glows!

I love this simple setting for earrings and whenever in doubt, this is the way i go.  Easy hooks, so plain and unfussy.  My new 'go to' earrings while the turquoise earrings take a break.

These are mine, all mine.  Selfishly keeping them for myself.