Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's been quite a day here in Davey, Nebraska . . .

Yesterday started with just thunderstorm warnings and I figured it would mostly be heavy rain.  I did not figure for this.  When the hail first started, I brought in two little guys that were pretty big by my standards - maybe nickel size.  Went to the back porch and this started.  
This is when I decided to watch from the porch

My poor umbrella took one for the team.
Amazingly, the garden survived.

The windows on the Saturn did not.
Jeez Louise.

Bedroom deck. Composite flooring . . .

 . . . with a hole.  From hail.

Poor little Shasta

Takes a licking - keeps on ticking

These holes are 3"-4" across and 2" deep

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shasta time . . .

I dragged the sweet old Shasta out this week for a little spiffing up, scrubbing and dusting and window washing - things I avoid doing in my big house, of course.  Next weekend it goes on a short trip to Seward, Nebraska, so we can use it as our home base while at our aerobatic contest there.

I know I've posted some of this before but holy smokes! I love having this little jewel - like a doll house with just enough room for two.  I have no idea who the four people were that the advertisers thought could share this space well.  I love my husband but he's the only one I could fit in well with.  

I had the pull-out sofa/bed reupholstered last summer and it completed the interior.  Simple in charcoal grey to match the original linoleum in beige, copper pink, turquoise and grey.  Piped the bed in turquoise so it blends with the turquoise bench seats at the dinette.

I sewed the curtains from a vintage-style cotton and pillows in lime with tiny ball fringe and found two little accent pillows (okay, I over-spent on those) for the banquette.

The exterior?  I am leaning toward leaving it as is.  It is faded cream and turquoise and I love it that way.  I see so many Shastas that are painted all "too too cute" and that simply isn't me.  I like the patina of age and the faded outlines of insignia missing.  If anything, I'll have a friend pinstripe the lightning bolt stripe for a bit of zip but going slow and not making radical changes.

Love.  Love.  Love.
Seriously small but how could not love this?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scrap . . .

I just could not bring myself to throw away this little scrap of Arches paper even tho' it measures less than 2" wide by 12".  I taped it to a board trying to leave anything white to paint on and ended up getting about an inch to play with.  Clearly not a masterpiece but working smaller scratches my 'tightness' itch in my hand/eye and lets me get as much impact in a small area as possible.

Thinking I'll have this matted and framed and see how it turns out.