Monday, June 18, 2012

If Minnesota was always like last weekend . . .

 I'd move there, I swear.  However, I understand they get a little snow so I'm not convinced the temps will always be in the 70s during the day and 50s at night.  Still, a temptation . . . 

We had a wonderful airshow weekend in Granite Falls with our friends Rob and Janie (Rob is the chief pilot for Fagen Inc.).  Ron Fagen now owns my gorgeous old airplane, my 1941 PT-22 and I had the chance to fly it in the every-other-year WWII airshow.  What a weekend.  This time, hubby Ed flew it - winds were stiff - but no matter to me as I had the chance to take these pics against an unbelievably blue sky.
taxiing out

Just look.
fly by - just look at that grass runway
like carpet
okay, not particularly flattering but Ed's and my reflections
in the baggage compartment skin

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And so it begins . . .

Yep.  Daylily bloom time once again.  Rather, daylily bloom time FINALLY.  Lots of things are in bloom at the Bowes Motor Speedway Farmette right now and the green things are lush but nothing, no nothing, beats daylily bloom time.  srsly.
Mystery Daylily and Oprah
surveying her domain

I'm only posting one here so as to not distract with other lovely daylily blooms as this one outshines all of the rest and will likely be moved to a showcase spot for 2013.  (Oh my, did I say 2013? Too soon, too soon.)

I bought this daylily fan from someone I 'friended' on flickr in one of the daylily groups and I'm sure I started a stampede.  He said it did not have a name and was a volunteer crossbred plant - not sure what its lineage is but just feast your eyes on this heavily veined beauty.  Colors are exactly what you see here and the veins are beautifully prominent.

No further comment required.  Behold.