Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 25.5 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 25.5 : Yep, interruption again

I really needed this.
Harbor Freight toolbox with space for my thinners below deck.
I had a coupon.
And what I was using just wasn't cutting it.
Poor, old Cosco utility cart from 1955.
Yeah, they're real treasures now but totally worthless in the stability department.
And I need stability.
Tomorrow, find trays for paint tubes and brushes.

But if you look at this photo, you'll see that I actually DO have a new painting in progress!

Give me until tomorrow.

I'll finish it, I swear.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 25 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 25 : Sunrise Seward Airport

From a photo I took this summer just before dawn at the Seward Airport in Nebraska.
Looking north, the sky was the wonderful hazy pink,
the shadows long, and the distant farm misty.
Every June our aerobatic club stages a contest there and every summer,
Ed and I tow my '63 Shasta trailer out and stay in that so we don't
have to get up pre-dawn to drive the 20 miles to the airport.
Every year I marvel at the gorgeous sunrise, the quiet calm of the airport,
the surrounding misty farms, distant freight trains.
So here are two hangars making long shadows as the sun comes up.
Before the hubbub begins.

Details : Oil on canvas

Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 24 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 24 : Salt Marsh Evening

Okay, so this challenge has turned into 30 paintings without
regard for the 30 days.
24 paintings and well on my way to 30!
This is from a photo reference that I've taken some liberties with.
I am trying to improve my grass technique and my trees seem to be improving.
I'd give anything to be able to take a class with Carol Marine.
I so envy her brushstrokes and try to copy them in my own work.
When I've been painting for as long as she has.
Maybe there are people who say that about my metalwork.
Get 15 years under your belt and come see me then.

Detail : Oil on canvas

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 23.5 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 23.5 : Clean and Prep Day

A 30-day challenge is turning into a 60-day challenge.
Next time I'll be a bit smarter and give myself some breathing space.

Once in a while you need to stop, clean brushes and prep more canvas.
I found that if I am going to challenge myself to a 30-day painting promise,
then I need to prep 30 canvases.

Murphy's Oil Soap and water, burnt umber ground applied and drying, ready to begin again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 23 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 23 : Platte River

Just south of Columbus, Nebraska, August 2015.
Shallow enough to wade across in most places.
And wide.
This painting took less than 30 minutes to complete.
Quick and impressionistic.
Dark blue ground with is what you see in the scumbled background
and in the vegetation here and there.
I just let it show through for a little depth.

Details : Oil on canvas

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 22 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 22 : Milkweed

Since we live in the middle of farmland, it's only natural that it is my first choice for a subject to paint.
Just up the road a ways is this neighbor's field.
Very soon it will be dusty golden yellow from harvesting corn and beans but for now,
this field is blooming with milkweed throughout.
And summer haze.

Details : Oil on canvas

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 21.2 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 21.2 : Home

I still suck at trees but I am getting better.
I think.
Practice and all that stuff.

Our house on Rock Creek Road.
I took liberties, of course, and changed a bit of the background.
Because, well, trees.

Detail : Oil on canvas

Day 21.1 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 21.1 : Our House

I suck at trees.
I only had a few minutes to work on this last evening and have decided
that I am having an 'issue' with trees.
I'm not the only one, I know.
Thinking I should paint all foliage as big green lollipops and call it a day.

Details : Oil on canvas

Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 21 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 21 : Yellow House

No way will this be finished in a day but I wanted to get a good start on it.
Impatience. I had to start it.
This is our house and I love it.
Steady progress. Don't overwork.
Lay the color in.

Details : Oil on canvas

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 20 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge

Day 20 : Person to Person

I love to paint wide expanses of prairie and sky with farmsteads on the horizon.
But I can't shake the feeling that they are somewhat lifeless until I add
what is always there but not so obvious - tall radio and telephone towers.
So I call this one 'Person to Person' as farms used to be
remote and out of communication until telephones came along.
And now we all have these little handheld devices that beam your conversation
up into the sky where it connects with a satellite
then beams it unbelievably to the person you wish to speak with.

I can see that this painting needs a little touchup but you get my message.

Details : 8"x8"
Oil on canvas