Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 7 : An Oil a Day 30 Day Challenge . . .

Day 7 : Untitled
Wow, a week! Seven days and seven paintings!
I have impressed even myself with this 'every day' thing.
Okay, what did I learn today?
That there are more artists than just me who paint the same subject matter more than once. I have been reluctant to repeat landscapes or clouds or grass because I think (well, who know what I think?) that it simply isn't done.
Boy, was I wrong.
Last night I got out a few basic painting and color theory books and found that this is exactly what I should be doing if I ever intend to improve on whatever my subject matter happens to be.
So there will be more gravel roads, more grass, more skyscapes, more more more.
Now I'm getting a bit more excited about this process.
All things unfold in their own time but I seriously wish I'd not been telling myself for these last 40+ years that I could not paint.

Detail : Oil on canvas

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