Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eagle (Raceway) Nest . . .

I can't imagine that birds give a lot of careful consideration to where the best nest-building site would be so when I found this little robin's nest last night,  I just had to take a picture and hope for the best for her.

We were at Eagle Raceway in Eagle, Nebraska, last night where my darling stepson is racing one of his dad's (darling husband Ed's) sprint car - a dustier and dirtier and noisier place there cannot possibly be.  Lee was lined up to race his heat and his girlfriend and I climbed up to the viewing platform on the back chute when I happened to look down and there, at the top of the metal stairs between the handrail and the support is a robin's nest with one beautiful blue egg!

Possibly not the best place to build but in her defense, the racetrack isn't too busy except for Saturday night and she probably wasn't counting on a crowd.

The best thing is that everyone, drivers and pit crews, who climbed up those metal stairs were very careful to sidestep the nest and leave it undisturbed.  Cannot wait to see if she has a hatchling next weekend.  Fingers crossed.  We're pullin' for ya, little mama!

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Smith Harry said...

Eaglesnest would like to thank all those who have come out in the past few weeks it has been great to see everyone come and enjoy the new track "Great Job Rick"
So keep it going Everyone.
cable raceways are made from UL94VO compliant PVC that is flame resistant, very flexible, yet durable.