Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trust me . . .

That giant owl was there a minute ago.

I swear.  Headed out to the barn this frosty cool Halloween morning when we heard the hoo-hoo-hoo, looked up and saw a HUGE owl on the peak of the barn roof.  Startled (as if you could startle something so huge), the owl spread his 747 wings and glided to the top of this tree.  We stood there open-mouthed for a minute all sizing each other up and I slowly moved back to the house to get my little point and click camera.

Too late.  He was as big as a fat cat, pointy ears and all and I swear, he was right there.  Maybe tomorrow.

*For tonight, my little goblins, Happy Halloweenie*


Two Dog Pond said...

I'm sorry I can't answer your e-mail. I've tried 5 times. I've been blocked by hotmail. I can't go tomorrow...I have a show tomorrow afternooon, so I'll be spinning in circles getting ready.
Thanks for asking!

Kaitlyn said...

I believe you!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture...those darn owls are so elusive.