Friday, January 25, 2013

I should take a lesson . . .

I need to work smarter.

Here is the one and only and obviously the best picture I have of a piece I finished last week and decided at the last minute to take to a one evening trunk show at a local gallery.  

A gorgeous slice of Rocky Butte Jasper that I cut and polished and a stone I thought had a beautiful plains scene in it - grassy foreground, low Western Nebraska sandy buttes and a brooding spring sky.  I set it simply in sterling silver and accented it with a copper set loop and two copper rings, and finally pierced the Big Dipper on the back.  No picture of that because what happened was a surprise to me although my friends will tell you that it was no surprise to them.

It sold.
First buyer in the door made a bee line.
And hardly an inexpensive piece.

Lesson #1 - take better pictures of everything
Lesson #2 - I should be working on lapidary and more impressive pieces

I know.


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I love the scenery in that stone. Lucky, lucky buyer and clever, talented you.

DJ said...

Beautiful stone! Not surprised it sold, it caught my eye right away.

Allisunny S. said...

*chanting*lap-i-dar-y!!!!! That is SO beautiful. xo

Sherry said...

Oh, I love that piece too. It almost looks like a painting and not a stone.

I'm bad about photographing things beforehand.

lynn bowes said...

Gosh, you guys. I'm so flattered. Honestly, I know I need to work smarter and this proves it one more time. Thank you.