Saturday, July 19, 2014

Daylily time once again . . .

I wait impatientlyly for this time of year when the daylilies begin to bloom and continue almost through August.  We're mid-bloom now, here in mid-July, and I take a 'crop tour' every morning to check on my crop of blooms.  Some are absolutely luscious and some I have faded on as years go by but I still love them all - so forgiving and hardy.  And I have a couple of surprise 'volunteers' this year that took root and bloomed where I never planted them - go figure.  They have their own ideas.

Volunteer - I think this may be Hot Toddy but I have no idea how it ended up where it is

David Kirchoff - highly scented, like a gardenia

Tropic Thunder


Bright Sunset

hmmmm . . . 


Cimarron Knight

Antique Ruffled Lavender

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