Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 3 . . .

Day 3 : watercolor study snowy field

Doing these quick little studies is a big confidence builder and seeing them on a computer screen lets me see where I have room to improve.
Unless and until my style of watercolor changes, these will probably lean toward the wash with fat detail. Broad strokes of suggested shapes.
The tiny brush I am using for these 2x4 paintings in my little watercolor Moleskine won't allow for much detail that isn't broad. Yes, I have lots of other brushes, tubes of paint and papers but I'm sticking with this little kit for now with its 12 hard cakes of paint. It challenges me to mix cake paint and water to achieve the color and tone I need.
The end.

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Kaitlyn said...

Love them. Have you looked at one canoe two? My favorite currently. They capture the midwest so beautifully in their paintings. Check them out. Please get on Instagram this year. I have my pictures taken for you of the old house to do a painting for me. It's one of my goals to get that over to you soon!!! Glad you are back at it and keep up with your good work. I love you because you are never satisfied with just one thing and keep changing it up. XO