Monday, January 12, 2015

Sandhills . . .

Where does this yellow tint come from anyway? Frustrating. 

Anyway, this is another quick painting that took all of an hour so maybe 'quick' isn't the best way to describe it. Measures about 3"x3" and is from a photo I took on our road trip to the Nebraska Sandhills last Spring. Gorgeous warm day with rolling hills and fields just starting to bloom. The clouds were intensely white against the deep blue of the sky. I do like the way the cloud shapes worked in this painting. By flooding the paper and gently guiding the blue pigment to the edges of the wet, the defined edges of the shapes were left as the paper absorbed the water and dried. Some watercolorists - instructors especially - will insist on softening the hard edges and write pages about how to avoid the edge by sucking up paint and water but I like them. I guess it's what makes all of us different and our styles unique.


Jill said...

Oh gosh Lynn I love these. Especially the snowy fields because I know them if that makes sense.
The weird yellow cast may be coming from the site that blogger saves it's photos. There is an option of "autocorrect" or maybe it's "enhance" that needs to be turned off. It happened to me awhile back and that's what I discovered when I googled it and it did work.

lynn bowes said...

Thanks, Jill. I think you're right about the adjustment. I'll dig into the program and see if I can tweak it. The Challenge of the Day!